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Sushi has continued to serve as one delicious meal that is served in almost every major city globally. Its wide variety of serving as an appetizer or main course is one reason it has gained acceptance from people globally.

While there are quite a good number of restaurants where you can order Sushi in Edmonds Burnaby, first-timers must understand the major differences between sushi and sister cuisines like sushimi (sashimi). Understanding the difference between sushi and sashimi is key to enjoying the best experience of both cuisines. At Sushi modo and sushimi, we understand how hard this can be; that is why this piece was created to assist you.

Note that understanding the major differences and similarities between sushi and sashimi can help you make the right order and will also help you to identify sushi from sashimi. Let’s dive into their worlds.

What is sashimi?

Sashimi (pierced body) is a delicacy made from thinly sliced fish or other types of meat. It is eaten plain without other accompaniment apart from soy sauce. This was to allow the flavor of the meat to shine.

Fish used in sashimi is almost one of the highest quality seafood. It is caught on a single line rather than a net and is killed and iced immediately upon landing, allowing it to stay fresh with little to no degradation or build-up of lactic acid. Sashimi-grade, sushimi, is often rated as one of the safest and highest quality fish available on the market. The most common varieties of this fish include squid, yellowtail, tuna, fatty tuna, and salmon. Other types of meat can also come in handy in preparing sashimi in Japan. This includes horse, beef, and chicken, which are rarely offered in Canada.

At Sushi modo and sushimi, our sushimi is made from the best quality fish to offer users various flavors and nutrients. We also pay special attention to the soy sauce making sure it is premium grade and one of the finest you can find in Burnaby. If you are looking for Sushi in Edmonds, Burnaby, then Sushi modo and sushimi is the best place.

What is Sushi?

Sushi is any pairing of ingredients with vinegar rice served in bite-sized pieces. Contrary to popular opinion, sushi has nothing to do with fish. The word sushi is used to describe the specific preparation of the rice used in sushi-making. So when next you go to order your favorite sushi in Edmonds, Burnaby, remember that sushi is not just about the fish.

Sushi rice is a special variety of short-grain rice prepared with rice wine vinegar. It comes with its unique flavor and clumps together, thus enabling the creation of sushi rolls and other preparations. Sushi is often prepared with fish and other types of seafood. It is also made with eggs or vegetables like cucumber and avocado.

Can I make my own sashimi?

Sushimi is made by a highly skilled chef who trains for years to master the art of slicing the fish in the required sizes according to variety to prioritize enjoyment. While it will take a lot of practice to make professional-grade sashimi like the one we have at Sushi modo and Sushimi, you can make yours at home so long as the fish is super fresh and handled correctly.

To prepare sashimi, keep the raw fish in the fridge right up to the preparation point. Ensure the kitchen and your hands are cool for better results. You can run your hands under cold water if necessary. Make sure to work quickly and once the fish is cut, return it to the fridge immediately unless you intend to eat it straight away.

What’s our sushi modo?


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